Is nozzle cleaning necessary?

A recurring question is whether the nozzles of the electronic fuel injection system, technically known as injector valves, should undergo a cleaning procedure: no and yes! In certain situations, this service may be necessary and have good results. What does not exist is preventive cleaning of these components. It is not uncommon for many workshops and even dealerships to offer the service. For further info, click here: best fuel injector cleaner

This is what explains the technical consultant of the Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group, Ricardo Dilser. “The FCA recommends checking the nozzles to see if they are of the same volume, whether the jet is in the standard, etc. In some cases, cleaning may be recommended. But the evaluation has to be careful. If the car is working well, if there is no loss of power or increased consumption, there is no need to move it ”, he explains.

Dilser's response coincides with that of Bosch, an auto parts company that produces several components of the fuel supply system, including injector valves. “The nozzle cleaning can be done when the engine is running irregularly,” explains the head of the Automotive Training Center, Diego Riquero Tournier, of the company.

When to clean the nozzles?

The Bosch specialist lists some indications that may point to the need for the nozzle cleaning service. “If there is a restriction of fuel flow through the injectors, the symptoms perceived by the driver are: acceleration failures, increased fuel consumption, rotation oscillations, increased pollution levels and, in extreme situations, the diagnostic lamp may light up on the vehicle panel indicating a failure in the fuel supply system, ”he warns.

“The injection valve cleaning service, a common practice in the market, which is performed using an ultrasound machine, has the function of unblocking the orifices of these components. In many cases, cleaning makes it possible to recover some functional characteristics of the valves. In other situations, where the cleaning procedure is not enough to restore the injector's condition, it must be replaced ”, adds Tournier.

Dilser points out that, generally, the problems that require the cleaning of the nozzles occur in high mileage cars, with about 100 thousand kilometers. In these cases, the FCA technical consultant also points out the replacement of the injectors as an alternative, especially in models with an indirect type system, which is the most common. "With the popularization of electronic injection and the beginning of the production of nozzles in Brazil, the replacement no longer has a painful price", he ponders.

Car manual provides information on injector maintenance

If there is any doubt about what preventive maintenance services should be performed on the vehicle, Dilser recommends that the owner appeal to a simple measure: consult the owner's manual. “The booklet contains a table with all the items that must be checked or replaced for each kilometer”, points out the FCA expert.

“Inspection intervals and overhaul of injection valves, as well as other components of the system, must follow the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer's manual,” says also Tournier, from Bosch.

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